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velocity 30


SRP Velocity30 is a revolutionary product offering 30 minute crash test validated drive away times in temperatures even below 40°F (4°C). SRP Velocity is also suitable for auto glass replacements that require high modulus and/or low conductive adhesives, which is required when installing auto glass on many of today's sports and luxury vehicles. The high modulus formula adds torsional stiffness to the vehicle and helps protect embedded electronics.

  • • 30 Minute Minimum Drive Away Time

  • • High Modulus, Low Conductive Auto Glass Adhesive

  • • 310ml Cartridge or 600ml Foilpack

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velocity 60


The SRP Velocity60 is a dependable everyday adhesive with quick drive away times and superior decking. The Universal modulus formula is the right choice for vehicles that require a high modulus adhesive. Achieves dual airbag drive away times in as little as 1 hour. A trusted choice by glass shops around the world. The SRP Velocity60 is UMLC.

  • • 60 Minute Minimum Drive Away Time

  • • High Modulus, Low Conductive Auto Glass Adhesive

  • • 310ml Cartridge or 600ml Foilpack

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velocity 60


The SRP VelocityProV+ is a primerless to glass adhesive designed to simplify aftermarket installations.  This type of product is one of the easiest in the industry to use with high initial viscosities and superior decking properties.

  • • SRP VelocityProV+ provides a combination of performance and convenience without sacrifice

  • • Primerless to glass and ceramic frit

  • • High viscosity formula suitable for large windshields

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velocity 247


SRP Velocity247 is a one-step blackout primer designed to promote adhesion between the urethane and the glass while protecting the urethane from UV degradation when there isn’t a frit, or the frit is inadequate. For all your priming needs, including glass, frit, bare metal, paint, any nicks or scratches in the paint, large areas of bare metal and encapsulations (RIM, PVC and PAAS).

  • • One-step, Black-Out Primer

  • • Ensures proper chemical linking to most surfaces

  • • Usable on glass, pinchweld, bare metal, painted surfaces, and cutback urethane

  • • 4-6 Minutes Flash-Off Time

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velocity 100CR


Velocity100CR is a foaming water-based formula that is safe to use on all bonding surfaces to aggressively remove contaminants. Oil, silicone and other contaminents don't stand a chance against our Velocity100CR. The spray on, wipe off foam does not run, dries fast and leaves no residue behind. Works great as a cutout lubricant too!

  • • Aggressive Contamination Remover

  • • Foaming water-based formula is safe to use on bonding surfaces

  • • Removes oil, silicone, and other contaminants from glass, pinchweld, and other bonding surfaces

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quick'n clean


QUICK'N CLEAN Heavy Duty towels remove tough dirt, grime, and urethane, yet are residue-free with skin softening agents that will not dry or chap hands. Effective on skin, tools, and machinery.



Professional strength cleaning without ammonia that can harm plastic surfaces. Foaming formula stays where sprayed until it is easily wiped up to a streak free shine.